Solis is the first-of-its-kind nano-printing technology that allows high-resolution images to be printed on stainless steel. With over 6,000,000 unique colors, Solis combines any image with the beauty and durability of stainless steel. It makes the perfect gift for your favorite memories or artwork.

The Solis technology fuses ink into the stainless substrate, resulting in an image that lasts forever. Additionally, after printing, the stainless can be bent 180_, laser cut, punched, and moderately stamped without distorting the image.

Our new Solgel coating is a revolutionary silicon-based coating that provides significantly better performance over traditional Polyester Anti Finger Print (AFP) product. The Solgel, Easy-To-Clean (ETC) coating, allows consumers to clean stainless without the use of harsh chemicals and self-disinfects against harmful viruses. Through the use of nanotechnology, the SolGel coating is so thin that it doesn’t distort the visual appearance of finely brushed surfaces (Satin / Scotch Brite™).


  • SolGel can be used continuously at 230°C/446°F.
  • Withstands most manufacturing processes including: T0 bending, medium stamp processes, laser cutting, and punching.
  • Improved corrosion and chemical resistance compared to polyester based coatings.
  • Higher scratch resistance compared to polyester based films [9H pencil hardness test].
  • Can be applied to stainless ranging from 0.35mm/0.0138” – 2.5mm/0.1” thick.


SolGel offers a surface that literally cleans itself. The ETC surface repels bacteria and viruses, and through a chemical oxidization reaction destroys the bacteria/virus.


Beauty and durability make decorated stainless steel the material of choice across industries and products.

Fields and applications include:

  • At home: household appliances, counter tops, back splashes, artwork
  • Businesses: elevators, escalators, professional kitchens,
    countertops, tabletops
  • Public areas: street furniture and facilities
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